Technical Specifications:

Our pulse jet angle type dust collector valve is corrosion resistant, durable and known for its high tensile strength. We also offer a customized product as per the customer’s requirement.

  • Port: Refer below technical data sheet (Available BSP, NPT & Dresser Nut)
  • End Connection: Screwed
  • Body Material: Aluminum Die Cast
  • Media Temp: -10° C to 90° C
  • Diapharagm: Nitrile (NBR)
  • Circumstance Temp:: -10° C to 70° C
  • Media: Air
  • Main Features: Internal Parts are in superior corrosion resistance steel, (Equivalent to SS316L) Suitable for Air Pollution Control System, Bag Filter Machine
  • Operating Voltage & Power Consumption: Nitrile (NBR)
  • Optional Feature: 90% Power saver series also available
  • Other Specification Data: Available on Request - Brass silencer to reduce extra noise

In 2008, Initially established as a small manufacturing unit Uflow Automation has enhanced its business capability to international standard. Uflow Automation is a modern, dynamic company that is currently emerging in the worldwide market place as a leader in valve manufacturing. Our commitment is to the development, manufacture, and marketing of the highest quality valves. Our personal, from the R&D to Engineering, to our outside sales team, are highly trained, and in tune with our customer’s needs and expectations. Our markets already include satisfied customers here in India, as well as the Middle East and Asia. Continued growth and ongoing efforts to seek new applications and opportunities to solve customer problems will be the secret to our long term success. Advanced technology will allow Uflow to provide the consistency our customers expect.

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This type of bag filters are operating with a principle known as pulse cycle by which the time interval between pulsing a row of bag to clean them and that row being pulsed again and again. It is done by a method by which the compressed air is allowed through a tube. A nozzle or a venturi is place at the top portion of the bag. The following components which are used as follows

  • Solenoid Valve
  • Tube Sheets
  • Compressed air manifold
  • Venturi
  • Metallic Cages
  • Bag supported Cage.

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Pulse Jet Valve

Coil Information

Coil Features

High Reliability Unaffected by Voltage Surges. Easy coil changes coil lockable in 4X90 position or freely movable in between as require.

Coil Housing

Epoxy square coil, metallic round enclosure, IP-67 Flameproof enclosure, IP-68 Weatherproof enclosure.


Use of filter in the inlet port is recommended.


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  • Pneumatic Circuit Diagram
  • Technical Data
  • Diagram & Dimension (NC)
  • M.I.C.
Model No. Body Material Pipe (Inch) Orifice (mm) Min. Operating Pressure Kg/cm² Max. Operating Pressure Kg/cm² Seal & Diaphragm Material Flow Factor Kv m³ / hr
JAN47 Aluminium 1” 28.50 0.5 8.5 NBR 16
JAN67 Aluminium 1½” 51 0.5 8.5 NBR 40
Uflow Automation India
Uflow Automation India
Model No. Port Size Diagram No. A B C D E E1
JAN47 1” 19.1 89 133.80 114.50 94 44 57
JAN67 1½” 19.1 137 171.50 135 136 44 57

Note:- All dimensions are in mm.


What they are saying about us

We have been in the valve industry for many years, and have never been happier with a supplier than we are now. Uflow has outstanding quality, fantastic service and quick delivery. We at Siraco, are proud to say that we receive our valves from Uflow India

Mr.Quentin Law,

South Africa

Uflow automation has grew as developing company and pacing towards to become a leading company in automation field.

Ms.Emma Garner,


The manufacturer produces excellent quality control valves for chemical applications and corrosive environments.

Mr.Zhong Leng Gweng,


International standard product with genuine solution and support even after purchase.

Mr.Naguib Adenuga,


Uflow Automation has suggested and provided us accurate valves for our project, and we would be happy to have their products in the future.

Mr.Kasper Kiel,


Uflow Automation has increasingly grew in the last few years by their diligence and support.

Mr.Kasper Kiel,


Uflow Automation is a leading manufacturer for the control valve with the best communication team.

Mr.Abdul Mehbil,


Various Industries We Serve

We serve in various industrial fields

Aviation Services

Uflow Automation pneumatic directional control valves are being used in aircraft and aerospace.

Defenses Services

Solenoid products and pneumatic products of Uflow automation are applicable to the world of defense.

Railway Services

Pneumatic products of Uflow automation for pneumatic systems and components for the rail industry.

Medical Equipment

In medical equipment our several solenoid valves and solenoid coils are applicable.


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